If you are not a native German speaker in Berlin, or just prefer to see movies with the original voice, chances are you’ve visited Cinestar at Potsdamer Platz at least once. With the New Year bringing news about its closing, I’ve prepared a short list of other movie theaters that screen movies with OVs (the particular one I’ve been looking for is Star Wars Episode IX ):

  • Cinestar Cubix am Alex (perhaps other cinestars screen OVs as well, this is just the closest one to me)
  • UCI Kinowelt at Mercedes Platz (seems to be particularly popular, there are no seats left for the new SW episode for the whole week).
  • Both York Kinos (in Charlottenburg and Neukölln). Typically showing less mainstream movies, they have some high-profile movies nevertheless.

Happy moviegoing in 2020!